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SeX PeopLE


Sex People is an experimental pop group formed in 2018 by singer/songwriter, Knarfy. Though primarily pop, Sex People music spans many genres from rap to punk to folk to electronica. What holds the music together is the constant, character thick vocals which are sung by the three lead vocalists. Their music spans from upbeat aggressive dance songs to slow melodic ballads, with everything in between.


The live setup is unique as to how they utilize the backing music combined with the live instruments and voices. The band utilizes samplers and backtracks as Knarfy sings and plays electric guitar, with F.I.T. and Anna accompanying on vocals, and to add the fattest possible beat Al Dubon plays a full kit on top of everything. The band’s presentation is theatrical with lots of energy, alternative fashion, and sexuality. 


Early this year Sex People released their debut EP, Cal-Island: Season 1, to critical acclaim and are preparing now to release their follow up EPs, Cal-Island: Season 2 and Cal-Island: Season 3. The albums together tell the wandering story of two main characters learning about true love and fleeting lust in the imaginary world of Cal-Island. 


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"...boisterous beats and cratering emotionality delivered through provocative lyrics and highbrow arrangements that defy mainstream pop’s stylistic limitations."

-Skope Magazine


"Sexy melodies and muscular rhythms meet blistering, raw tonality in the brand new EP Cal-Island: Season 1, from California’s own Sex People. Sex People are a new arrival on the scene but have anything but an amateurish vibe to their agile, tightly wound music."

-Indie Shark


"Sex People have assembled one of the more intriguing EPs of the New Year – not only through their boldly crafted identity, but through the means that they approach their unique strain of pop."

-Gashouse Radio


"Sex People repeatedly do the opposite of what you’re expecting them to in these five songs, testing the boundaries between pop and avant-garde experimentalism while never losing sight of the melodic core that makes their music so affectionate and contagious."

-Indie Pulse Music

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Some bands/artists Sex People have been compared to are Gorillaz, Die Antwoord, Donald Glover, Linkin Park, David Bowie, and Marilyn Manson.  



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