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       F.I.T. (aka Folarin, Idris Temitayo) is a multi talented hiphop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Lagos, Nigeria in the early 90's, he and his brother moved around frequently after their parents separation. When he turned 18, F.I.T. alone migrated to the United States after winning the Visa lottery. Though he started writing music at an early age, due to very limited resources growing up he couldn’t do anything with them. While living for a year in Washington D.C., for the first time he began recording his songs and after sharing them around he knew he had something. In 2015 he was coaxed into the studio where he recorded his 5 song debut EP entitled MOOD. Just about every year F.I.T. has picked up and moved to a different state, each time getting closer to California and in 2018, he finally made it all the way to Los Angeles. Since, he has released his debut EP, and in January of this year released a high production value music video to accompany the single, UNITY. His sound ranges from Hip Hop, R'n'B and Rap all the way to alternative rock and Afropop.

       F.I.T. grew up listening to music from all over the world and today his work is influenced by artists like, Fela kuti, Asa, Bob MARLEY, Michael Jackson, and Sunny Ade. F.I.T. strives to make the world better through his music and meaningful lyrics. F.I.T.’s music is high energy, uplifting and with thick futuristic production. His lyrics reflect the state of the troubled world today but his beautiful and truly unique voice guides us with optimism, confidence, and passion.  Since coming to LA, F.I.T. has also become one of the vocalists and founding members of the experimental pop band, Sex People, who released a 5 song EP titled Cal-Island: Season 1, earlier this year. F.I.T constantly has new projects in the works and is always looking to adapt and progress his sound. F.I.T. is new to the scene but this Nigerian/American artist is finally in his element and moving quickly.

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