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" an era where digital singles and thematically disconnected EPs dominate, the creativity required to create this kind of expansive concept is worth appreciating."

-JW Vibe 

"Sex People, who we wrote about late last year when they released their debut single, ‘Sanctuary City’, are LA people to the core... Cal-Island is a sanctuary, a place of refuge for all those who are weary, all those who have been confronted and persecuted. Much like the principles the USA was founded upon in the first place. "

-Essentially Pop

"Sex People repeatedly do the opposite of what you’re expecting them to in these five songs, testing the boundaries between pop and avant-garde experimentalism while never losing sight of the melodic core that makes their music so affectionate and contagious."

-Indie Pulse Music

"Sex People have assembled one of the more intriguing EPs of the New Year – not only through their boldly crafted identity, but through the means that they approach their unique strain of pop."

-Gashouse Radio

"...when I listen to Cal-Island: Season 1, the new record by west coast pop juggernaut Sex People, I can’t help but get the impression that these guys had one goal when they recorded this EP above all else. That goal, as I see it, was to make an EP that transcends the limits of lyrics and conventional hooks in search of something more connective and relatable on a physical level. Their efforts prove to be well worth it in songs like the fuzz-laden “The LA Air” and temperamental “No West Left,” which exhibit a versatile profile unlike any other I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in the last year."

-Vents Magazine 

"Sexy melodies and muscular rhythms meet blistering, raw tonality in the brand new EP Cal-Island: Season 1, from California’s own Sex People. Sex People are a new arrival on the scene but have anything but an amateurish vibe to their agile, tightly wound music."

-Indie Shark

"...boisterous beats and cratering emotionality delivered through provocative lyrics and highbrow arrangements that defy mainstream pop’s stylistic limitations."

-Skope Magazine

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